Professional Consulting

Dread crucial conversations or constantly consulting with HR to ensure you are in compliance? Many supervisors who perform as managers vs. leaders working in this pattern can consume more than time… your soul. We can help you by facilitating mindfulness-based stress-reduction tools to help you perform at peak levels. Regulating stress can be easier said than done. It helps to have a guide to support a behavior change geared at a holistic approach to lowering stress and improving interpersonal skills. Imagine disciplining your mind by taming ruminating thoughts and letting go of unhelpful cognitions. Leave your work at work and create the emotional agility to perform at optimum levels in your personal life.

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Communication skill-building and empowering subordinates

Regulating our emotion while communicating feedback to subordinates is one of the most challenging aspects of any leader’s or manager’s job. It takes a great deal of effort and more importantly…practice and patience. We can assist you with tools to increase stress-tolerance, practice empathy, and communicate effectively. You will increase your attentiveness while improving your interpersonal skills that can serve you two-fold in your life.

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Military culture

Are you unfamiliar with the military/veteran population in your community and need support understanding their needs? Need assistance with launching a non-profit aimed at supporting military/veterans? We can help you become familiar with the military/veteran culture and how you can support them. You will be taught the many themes that men and women in the military face in order to tailor your services/support to successfully engage them.

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Mental Fitness through meditation

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction is a collection of skills designed to enhance your cognitive abilities and can serve to increase your mental functioning. For many years we have served men and women with challenges with complex trauma (PTSD), mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBI), and mild learning disabilities with the use of meditation practices. One study shows the drastic changes in neuroplasticity and another study mentions the impact on the heart. Join us for our 30 minute monthly meditation lunch-and-learn and see how meditation and other mindfulness-based tools can enhance your businesses productivity.