Mental Vacationing Plans?

Just imagine….

relax and recuperate (R&R)

Each day may bring new stressors and ways to overcome them take deep reflection. What do you need to relax and recuperate? Can this be accomplished in a day, 2-days, or 2-weeks? Developing a plan to recuperate following expected times of stress can lead to immediate relief or even a “mental vacation”.

My dear husband likes to troll Zillow and send me photos of where he would like to retire. I was initially annoyed at the interruptions, but when I took time to understand his excitement, he was taking his own mental vacation by planning/researching a future goal. This process put him in an optimistic mood.

I realized I did the same when it came to vacation plans. The entire process of selecting dates, checking flights, adding up reward points, etc. is very exciting. There is the process of planning that can motivate you during times of duress and the act of taking a vacation. I must admit, taking a vacation is a relatively new thing since I could never afford one (so I thought).

Taking a moment to set forth a goal related to a vacation (say visit Greece) can lead to the act. Maybe it’s in the way-future and can serve to engage in a process that maintains that goal. Even if a vacation plan is a one-day spa-day. Groupon has some great deals. Whether you can afford it or not, the process of planning can lead you to feel more relaxed (as long as you leave the coulda-shoulda-woulda out). There is a great book “Smart Couples Finish Rich” by David Bach that offers good ideas on financing goals based on values.

Last year my family took our first family vacation. We flew to Kauai. Our twins were graduating high school and leaving for the Army/College and we had never really taken a “real vacation” in the past. It was a year long process, which served as a positive stress reliver and turned out amazing. Now when I see an ocean sunrise I am instantly filled with positive memories to carry me through life’s rough patches. A worthy investment indeed. Happy vacationing…